Printable August Calendar 2016!


I know what you’re going to say… and I’m sorry!

To answer your question as to why I seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth for the past weeks, I’m going to throw you a couple of words: School. School Formal. Homework. Exams. Winter laziness. Procrastination. Sleep. No sleep. This is basically the epitome of my recent days, and in basic terms, the reason why I’ve had such a lack of inspiration and quality ideas to post…

I know, it feels like every time I post, I’m apologising for my lack of posts, but the honest truth is that I’d rather take my time to make quality content that I’m happy with, rather than write about random things because I ‘have to’! That’s something I think we should always remember: do things because you want to and because you love to do it, not just because you think you ‘should’ – at least, that is how I see things.

Anyway, since it’s been a while since we last met (virtually), let’s catch up on things. I’ll go first. So school holidays finished for me 2 weeks ago, and now I’m back into the swing of the daily learning and studying routine. Since it’s nearing the end of the year, lots of exams are starting to come up too, which is…uh…sad. Another thing that’s been going on is that I decided to organise my school formal (basically the equivalent to Prom). Ah. Organising events for hundreds of people is a lot of work. Especially when they don’t pay on time…

Now enough about me, how about you? Let me know in the comments what you’re up to this month!

To help you stay organised this August, here is your monthly treat: the printable August calendar. Sorry for the delay!

{Download your free printable August calendar here}– Remember, it’s free for personal use only!

{Check out ALL my monthly calendars here} – I update this each month.

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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