Printable Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec Calendar 2016 (Updated)


Yes, Miss Caly has not disappeared from the face of the earth! Ah yes, I’m very late on this one, but better late than never, right? It’s been a while since I last talked to you. In fact, around a month. Wow, time really has flown by.

So what have my recent months been consisting of? To start off, exams, homework and life in general. I’ve also been super busy organising my school formal, which is coming up very soon. Event planning is fun. But a lot more complicated than I thought… (although I did make some cute decorations and other fun DIYs which I’d love to show you real soon!) Yep, busy, busy, busy! As you know, amidst this chaos of things to do, I totally forgot to post my September Calendar printable. (Please forgive me!) To make up for it, today’s post consists of calendars for September, October, November AND December.





Today I also have some news to tell you… I wasn’t sure whether to call it bad news or good news, so I just of left it as ‘news’. I guess it depends on how you see it. Ah, I’ll just get straight into it. I’m going on a little break this month. It’s just, I feel a little overwhelmed by everything I want to do, and it’s a bit hard to keep it all under control. So, how is this ‘bad’ news? Well, you’ll probably be hearing less from me in the next couple of weeks. I know I’ve been pretty absent from Instagram too lately, but I guess this is my real explanation as to why. So, that means no new DIYs and printables…at least, for now anyway.

BUT not all is bad. I like to think of this break as a good thing. I love to create, and I love to do everything with one hundred percent effort and quality. So, when it comes to creating content for my blog, I am quite the perfectionist. To be honest, life has gotten me in a creative ‘slump’ lately (as you may call it). I think taking a break would be good for gaining that inspiration again and allow some time for me to gather my ideas and chaotic mind together. A little ‘me’ time is always good for a fresh start, don’t you agree? I hope you understand!

Anyway, since I will be away for a bit, I decided to post both the September and October calendar so you can be all set for the next few months. May your coming months be filled with nothing but joy and excitement. Things will always be all-over-the-place, but just remember to stay calm and take breaks…

Okay, here they are… (Remember, they’re free for personal use only)

{Download your free printable September calendar here}

{Download your free printable October calendar here}

{Download your free printable November calendar here}

{Download your free printable December calendar here}


{Check out ALL my monthly calendars here} – I update this each month.

Okay, I guess I will see you next time. It won’t be too long! In the mean time, good luck and good life. 😀

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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