“I failed.”

I failed

Only two words, two syllables, seven letters. And yet, they could change your life forever. They could shift your mindset, play with your beliefs, and alter how you perceive yourself and the world.

Two words, yet a million consequences.

But I realised something. Maybe it’s not the two words that are the real danger. After all, they’re just two words, two little syllables escaping your mouth. The real turning point in your life is what you decide to do next.

So, today I’m here to admit:
I failed.

But it’s okay.

I’m not sure how long exactly it’s been since my last post on this blog. Two years? Oh man it doesn’t feel like that long. I guess there was a point in my life where everything was just getting too much to balance (especially with my final years of high school) and blogging was something I had put off while I was regaining myself. “I’ll post when I have the time”, I kept telling myself. Maybe next week, or the next. Weeks turned into months, which somehow turned into years. In the end, I simply lost the motivation I used to have. In the end, I became terrified to even touch ‘Miss Caly’ because it reminded me of how ‘I failed.’

And then, it all came down to the Summer of 2018, while I was on my massive break upon graduating high school. (Yep, I’m that grown up now… kinda). It was another one of those days of me mindlessly surfing the net when I stumbled upon a blog I used to follow, The Golden Dreamcatcher. From there, I went on to find more and more bloggers and went into an endless spiral of inspiration and nostalgia. I began to remember the feeling of being motivated, that rush I’d feel when I came up with a new DIY to post. I began to miss… Miss Caly.

And here I am, live, alive, right in the flesh. 

And I no longer feel like I have failed. I just feel… renewed. I think I needed that break in order to regain inspiration – a long hearty break to remember why I began this blog in the first place, to reshape who I am and my vision. I believe everything happens for a reason (if not, we must give it a reason), and the reason I ‘failed’ was so that I could come back with bigger, brighter ideas so I could share them to you and the world.

So is Miss Caly back for good?

Well, I’m trying not to lift my expectations too high. But I do hope to continue posting, inspiring and sharing my ideas with you all. Two years is a long time, and in that time I think I’ve grown, matured and developed new perceptions on life. There’s a lot to catch up on, and I really hope I can share this journey with you.

And who is this Miss Caly 2.0 and what to expect next?

It’s me, still me. Same old me. I still love to DIY and create art. But, other areas I’ve been fascinated with are: minimal living, reducing waste, personal development, healthy cooking and other aspects of living a meaningful life. I’d like to post more content on those ideas, but I guess we’ll see!

What to take from this

I see life as a great learning experience, and that everything we do has a lesson to teach.

For me, my lesson was that failure doesn’t exist as a permanent thing unless you want it to. When you ‘fail’, the reality is, you’ve just met a roadblock that’s preventing you from the path you currently want to take. You’ve just got to purposefully decide to go around the block or take another path in order to go on.

As for you who is reading this, I’ll leave you with a quote from Thomas A. Edison:

“I have not failed, I’ve just found 10 000 ways that won’t work”

Find those infinite other ways that will work.

Thank you so so much for your support and understanding. I’ll see you soon for Miss Caly 2.0.

3 thoughts on ““I failed.”

  1. This is such a beautiful post, I am in love with reading personal posts like this on the Internet. You have learned so much during this journey and that is beautiful! I just saw that you tagged me in this post today, I am so sorry that I hadn’t noticed it before, I absolutely loved reading it!


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