Free Minimal February Phone & Desktop Wallpaper

Free Minimal February Wallpaper - Miss Caly

Hi friends!

I hope you’re having a wonderful February and a perfect start to 2018.

You might remember me mentioning in my first blog post since my long break that I’ve become really interested in the idea of living a simple and meaningful life, in particular, minimalism! And before I share my minimal themed February wallpapers with you, I want to talk a little bit about what it means for me and how I’ve tried to incorporate parts of it in my life. 

The term ‘minimalism’ has been going around quite a lot recently. I think more and more people are becoming intrigued with the idea of living with less, especially in a society where so many things can be bought and discarded so easily – clothes, fashion, food, toys… eventually many of these things sort-of lose their meaning since we have so much of them. As for the media, I also feel like I’m constantly consuming and taking in new information, whether it’d be photos on social media or random videos on youtube.

Don’t get me wrong, many of us are so lucky and blessed to be living in a world where we have the freedom to buy the things we need and want , and continually be surrounded by endless inspiration from the internet. But. I think there’s just a point where it can get just a little overboard. For example, was that fifth lipstick in that similar nude shade really necessary?

So I guess that is why I’ve been trying out this minimalism thing. By no means am I saying that I’ve been throwing out all my things and am changing everything I own to plain white (a misconception I used to have on minimal living). Rather, I’ve simply made a deal with myself that every decision and purchase I make from now on will serve a meaningful purpose in my life, and that the things I choose to surround myself with will evoke calmness and simplicity. It’s a journey I guess, and this is my start.

Perhaps it could be your start too and we can do this together!

Minimal February Desktop Wallpaper:

minimal feb wallpaper phone

Minimal February Phone Wallpaper:

minimal feb wallpaper desktop

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these simple wallpapers I made for myself and for you! Let me know your thoughts on minimalism and what it means to you.

As always, stay creative and kind.

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