On Setting Goals and Intentions // Watch Me Draw

Good morning! (Or good day, depending on when you’re reading this)

We’re back with another chatty drawing timelapse talking about something I’ve been thinking about lately. Goals versus intentions.

The two sound almost the same right? I guess, in a way, they are, but the thing that separates them is the fact that goals are more of a destination, whereas intentions can help you appreciate the process of getting there.

And so in saying that, while it is a goal of mine to grow my presence on youtube and on my blog to share my ideas with you and the world — for the time being I just want to focus on my intention to simply do what I love: create art and post videos, when I can. I feel like I’ve always been a goal-driven kind of person and I often put a lot of pressure on myself when an outcome isn’t exactly what I envisioned. And that’s something I want to focus on changing for myself this year.

Less pressure.

For all of us, let’s make 2019 a year of good intentions and no pressure!

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With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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