On Perfectionism…

Perfectionism – striving for things to be ‘perfect.’

I’ve found that this is something on the back of my mind whenever I do something new or anything for that matter. I wouldn’t call myself an insane ‘perfectionist’ per say, but I think I do put a lot of pressure on myself to do things ‘right’. Or at least, not ‘wrong.’

Today I wanted to chat about what perfectionism really means… What does ‘right’ mean for you? The ‘perfect’ hair, the ‘perfect’ job, the ‘perfect’ life… It’s so subjective, right? What could be considered ‘perfect’ for one person, could be perceived in a totally different way for the next. And if this definition is so ambiguous, how do we know when we’ve reached it? At least in my opinion, I think the chase for perfectionism is ever-going and honestly, super tiring.

That’s why I feel like it would be a lot less stressful if we shifted that ‘perfectionist’ mindset to something a bit less terrifying and a little more relevant as a way of measuring success. In today’s chatty drawing video, I wanted to talk about working towards something ‘meaningful’, rather than ‘perfect.’

Any thoughts?

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