A Valentines Love Letter To My Country // Draw with Me: Sydney

Valentines day is tomorrow and I thought I might do something a little different to the typical love letter.

A love letter addressed to my home country. Australia.

Especially going about our busy everyday lives, it’s quite easy for us to not pay attention to not only what we’re doing, but where we’re doing it. For me, anyway, I find that some things have become so ‘normal’ to me that I often take them for granted things and forget how different it could be in other parts of the world. We all come from our own very unique and great parts of Earth, and Australia is me.

And I am so grateful for all the opportunities and all the little hidden treasures of this beautiful country.

I thought a little deeper into a few of the things I appreciate the most about Australia and spent some time drawing out The Rocks, Sydney for this video. Happy Valentines Day!

Sydney Drawing Instagram @misscalyblog

Drawing Sydney Instagram @misscalyblog

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What do you love about your country?


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